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I was part of a great filmed interview as the Gordon Ramsay lookalike appeared with Historic Newspapers and Daily Mail Online Team at their headquarters in London. Historic have the largest newspaper archive in the world, and can re print a newspaper for you, from any given date back to the 1900’s, maybe as a birthday gift, or to mark an anniversary or just a special event in time like the day you were born!

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Gordon Ramsay lookalike at Daily Mail Online with Historic NewspapersI loved working with the Historic Newspapers company who helping to promote national Fish and Chip day and bringing back the nostalgia of having your chips wrapped in Newspaper, by producing an A3 reprint of a front page marking the Queen’s Coronation

Historic Newspapers Gordon Ramsay lookalike at Daily Mail headquarters

A big thank you to the The Daily Mail Online team did a special live Facebook interview with me which had over 40,000 views in the first day! For more on Historic Newspapers go to Thank you to the Daily Mail Online team for having me!

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