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Welcome to the website of Gordon Ramsay lookalike and impressionist Martin Jordan.


Martin’s Highlights

Gordon Ramsay’s Official Body Double

Martin was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s US Show 24 Hours to Hell & Back

Starred in 2 Seasons Ch4’s Lookalikes Show

Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalist

Gordon Ramsay Lookalike

Martin Jordan

Martin famously appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s US TV show 24 Hours from Hell and Back, where Martin fooled diners, into thinking, he was the real Gordon Ramsay, while Gordon sat behind in disguise, to later reveal himself!

Martin also left Gordon speechless, on his own live TV show, and has body doubled for Gordon Ramsay in 10 sets of TV adverts, and guested at one of Gordon’s own live cooking exhibitions.

Martin has also featured in numerous TV shows, on behalf of the BBC, SKY Ch4 and ITV, including Channel 4’s Lookalikes show and Britain’s Got Talent with ‘The Chippendoubles’ described by a shocked Simon Cowell as “one of my favourite acts”

I only use the very best lookalikes in my projects and Martin is Gordon’s Double in every way.

Alison Jackson

Award winning photographer and TV producer

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Gordon Ramsay lookalike Martin Jordan

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