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Trade Show
Hire Gordon Ramsay lookalike and impersonator Martin Jordan for your Trade show. Martin is one of the best lookalikes for hire, and is an experienced, confident performer who can interact with potential clients on your Trade Stand, showcasing your company and product.

Martin has worked at a number of venues including the NEC, ICC, Olympia, TIC and The Excel in London, where Martin was hired by Gordon Ramsay’s own organisers to be part of his live Christmas show.

You will recognise Martin from Channel 4’s comedy reality Lookalikes Agency Show and Britain;s Got Talent!

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Britain’s Got Talent & Ch4’s Lookalikes Show!

Ideas for using Martin

Exhibition Entrance
A great way of using Gordon Ramsay lookalike Martin Jordan, would be to greet people entering the exhibition, giving visitors information leaflets and guides to the show.

Exhibition Mix and Mingle
Martin has been hired to tour exhibitions with in house staff to give out information on future events that may interest exhibitors and visitors alike, and Martin could have a prop, like a frying pan with a logo on it then this could travel with the picture on social media!

Exhibitor Stand
Martin’s striking resemblance and spot on mannerisms draws in curious clients, and he is an expert at interacting with visitors to the event, and photos taken on your stand can create a buzz on social media, as your company logo and media will be present in all photos shared.

A great idea to use Martin would be to have him give out a business card with a cake or have a tray of free giveaways with the company logo.

Refreshment & Catering area
Martin has been used to meet and greet exhibitors and visitors in the catering areas as a fun way for people to relax, before heading out and taking in more potential business.

You could hire your own photographer and instruct the customers that a high quality photo with me can be found on your social media page, to increase traffic to your site, and these pictures can be uploaded within minutes to bring immediate social media attention on the day!

If you are going to hire a look a like for your event, then choose Martin Jordan as Gordon Ramsay. The number one done!

I only use the very best lookalikes in my projects and Martin is Gordon’s Double in every way.
Alison Jackson

Award winning photographer and TV producer

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