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 Britain’s Got Talent & Ch4’s Lookalikes Show!


Martin jordan is the perfect choice if you are looking to hire a Gordon Ramsay lookalike for your product launch! Martin is not only a Gordon ramsay lookalike but also has the impression and mannerisms to bring the Gordon ramsay experience to life for all your guests!

Martin is an experienced performer and is featured on every large lookalike agency, and appeared on TV on Channel 4’s Lookalikes Agency show and was a Britain’s Got Talent semi finalist!

Martin can serve Champagne or delight your guests serving delicious Canapés, or give out information about your product and is especially popular with press photographers, to bring some great coverage for your company!

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Ideas for Martin

New Shop or Business Premises

When you hire Gordon Ramsay lookalike Martin Jordan for your product launch he will greet your guests, pose for press for promo pictures, and serve canapés & drinks, and bring some Gordon Ramsay style with his amazing impression!

New Menu launch

Martin can mix and mingle with your dinners, and promote your new menu items, and even give out special offers for those that revisit. Plus on the day, you could have a half price menu for selected new items, which Martin can serve to your clients, plus the pictures can get huge social media coverage

Press Launch

Why not have a press launch, for your new business or product? The press love an eye catching picture, and Martin’s success in shows like Britian’s Got Talent, and his striking resemblence is always a press favourite! Maybe invite press along for a free tasting of your new menu items!

Street Promotion

Martin is perfect for your street promotion, and adds an eye catching touch to the day! If you have a plaque with logos, or a prop like a frying pan or an apron with the company logo, then pictures taken can carry your brand on social media. Plus Martin can give out free tasters and promo information for your project. Maybe you could have a camera crew for a viral video!

Evening Launch Party

Martin has appeared at launch parties, for new business premises, or even celebrations for the number of years in business, and has appeared for Interaction, SilverDoor and Sky TV. Martin is happy to mix and mingle, and serving canapés is a great touch!

Video Promotion

Martin has been used in stirring Viral campaigns, and his striking resemblance and spot on mannerisms can bring the Ramsay experience to your business!

  • Thank you for being part of a great press office promotion day, for Gordon’s new series.

    Steve Rosier
    Publicity manager Ch4

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