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 Britain’s Got Talent & Ch4’s Lookalikes Show!


If you hire a Gordon Ramsay lookalike for your private party or event, it can bring an amazing reaction from your guests, and Gordon Ramsay lookalike Martin Jordan is the perfect celebrity lookalike as seen on Channel 4’s comedy Lookalikes Agency Show and Britain’s Got Talent!

Martin will mix with your guests posing for photos and personal videos and even serve Canopés! Plus Martin can tailor his act for all ages, having performed at corporate parties, weddings, holiday resorts, shopping centres, nightclubs and schools.

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Gordon Ramsay lookalike ideas!

Drinks Reception
Maybe you are having a drinks reception, and Gordon Ramsay look alike Martin Jordan, is the perfect surprise icebreaker, to greet your guests as they arrive, with a complimentary drink or maybe serving canapés.

Red Carpet
Gordon Ramsay lookalike is the perfect red carpet entertainment, and can bring the celebrity feel as he welcomes your guests into the venue. Maybe you could have a photographer with Martin capturing the memory as your guests arrive.

Mix and mingle
Martin is the perfect mingle artist, and has Gordon Ramsay’s impressions, body language, mannerisms and build. Martin is a favoruite for photos, selfies and on the spot videos! Martin has even been used to work alongside Gordon Ramsay as his stunt double in TV adverts, and on live shows.

If your guests are having a sit down meal or buffet, then Martin is perfect to have interacting with staff behind the counter or entertaining guests at their tables, in his Gordon Ramsay style!

Martin is a confident public speaker, and maybe you have birthday announcements, or prize and award presentations, or maybe the surprise presentation of a gift or cake, for a birthday, retirement or achievement?

Photo booth
If you have a photo booth at your party or event, then Martin can join your guests bringing the celebrity experience, and pose for some great party memories!

Press Launch
If you are having a press launch at your party or event, then Martin is a striking addition and a firm press favourite, due to his appearances in show’s like Britain’s Got Talent, and Channel 4’s Lookalikes show, and bring interest in articles shared across social media platforms!

  • Thank you for being part of our Awards Ceremony, and entertaining our clients throughout the evening.

    Nicola Christou
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